Friday, April 29, 2011

Found a great site for Pet info and products!

I'm just sharing a find. I'm in no way compensated for this. It's just my opinion. . . .

Doctor's Foster and Smith have some great advise for just about everything that could happen to your pets. Flees, diseases, behavior to what's a good treat for my pet?

Pet Related Articles - Here they have many articles for dogs, cats, birds, fish, ferret and reptiles! Everything from Medical resources to supplies!

 Since it is flee season I'll share a short bit of one of their articles here for you to check out. Here's the original link to the full article: Flea Control and Prevention

"Attempting to control fleas on our pets is a multi-step process. Adult fleas spend most of their time on an animal, but the flea eggs, larvae, and pupae are found in abundance in the environment such as in carpeting, rugs, bedding, and grass. For every flea that you see on your pet, there are likely to be hundreds of eggs and larvae in your home and yard. Therefore, a truly effective flea control program always includes treating the environment as well as treating your pet. These are the essential steps for a successful flea control program:
  • Remove fleas from the indoor environment.
  • Remove fleas from the outdoor environment.
  • Remove fleas from pets.
  • Keep immature forms of fleas from developing.
. . . . .
The best flea control is always flea prevention. Adulticides (products that kill adult fleas) are a cornerstone of prevention. Pyrethrins and permethrins have flea repellent activity. (NOTE: Permethrins should NOT be used on cats.) Using products containing these insecticides will help keep fleas away and prevent a flea problem from developing. Regular use of insect growth regulators/development inhibitors may reduce the risk of fleas becoming established in the indoor and outdoor environment."

I have ordered things from them and they have fast delivery and great customer service! Go check them out! Great company!

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